Public Works

Green Space App

100 Votes

Locate parks and other public green space, including details about specific trails and access points as well as information about native plants, animals, etc and nature spots on the trails like the Audubon Society and the World Forestry Center. Could also include things like community gardens, farmers markets, green streets, etc.

Neighborhood Micro financing/planning

92 Votes

The power of the local community can solve great problems. This application would connect a neighborhood in order to finance public works projects. Someone would propose a project, such as adding four sidewalk ramps on a set of corners. People in the neighborhood could then commit a certain amount of money until the goal was met. There should be some generic projects people can propose to encourage participation. Some things that come to mind: Adding sidewalk ramps to four corners, bike parking, road repaving, Adding bioswales.

Mobile Construction Project Information

140 Votes

Ever walk by a construction project in your neighborhood and have questions like: What is being repaired, how long will it take, how much will it cost, what hours of the day will noisy work occur, will this close my street or turn off my utilities, who can I follow up with for more questions and information? This application would leverage smart-phone GPS functionality to allow citizens who are in proximity to a public works or transportation project to pull up GIS-based map and project data. The application could also intake comments or questions on construction activities.