Google Calendar Plug In

111 Votes

A simple widget/plug-in with the ability to interface with other widgets on the open source platform, enabling the end user to add anything to their personal calendar seamlessly. For example, if there is an upcoming community meeting published in a forum, or a sale at a local shop, or even a happy hour, this plug-in would allow users to click a logo (much like T, FB, and others are embedded on pages currently) that would then populate the calendar with the corresponding information.

Dig In, Eat Local

96 Votes

An app for all things local food as well as gardening and food preservation. Includes a guide and calendar of gardening, cooking and food preservation classes (UGB and others), plant sales, CSAs, and volunteer activities at places like Zenger Farms. Also links to map of all farmers' markets, CSA pickup sites, garden supply shops, etc.

Be Resourceful: Save More, Live More

123 Votes

A map-based widget that shows all the places around your defined geographic area that you can borrow, rent, swap, recycle, donate, and repair items. This would include all tool libraries, swap & plays, Goodwills and second hand stores, repair shops, and recycling depots. A directory with ideas for waste prevention, reuse and resourcefulness would also be helpful.