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Thursday, August 13, 2015 - 5:30pm to 8:30pm
Executive Committee Charter draft can be found at http://www.cocl-coab.org/library/handouts-coab-meetings/executive-committee-charter-draft-approval-81315-coab-meeting Bus lines: 4 - Division/Fessenden, 72 - Killingsworth/182nd Interactive map with bus stops and parking lot locations: http://www.pcc.edu/about/locations/map/#ca Parking information: http://www.pcc.edu/resources/parking/ -- Hourly parking permits are $1/hour with a 2-hour minimum; permits can be purchased at pay stations near their respective parking lots. Please note that PCC requests people don’t park on neighborhood streets as PCC has made a commitment via their Transportation Management Plan to minimally impact the neighborhoods surrounding their campuses. http://www.pcc.edu/resources/parking/sustainability.html
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Location: PCC Cascade Moriarty Arts and Humanities Building Rm 104
705 N Killingsworth NE corner of N. Killingsworth and N. Albina

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Email:  mandi.hood@portlandoregon.gov

Tel: 503-319-7736


525 NE Oregon Street, Suite 250

Portland, OR 97232



To help ensure equal access to our programs, services, and activities, the Compliance Officer/Community Liaison (COCL) team will reasonably modify policies/procedures and provide auxiliary aids/services to persons with disabilities. If there are ways we can help you more fully participate in this process, please contact Mandi Hood at 503-319-7736 or mandi.hood@portlandoregon.gov.

To learn more about submitting an ADA Accommodation form, click here.

To access documents in audio format, click here

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