Trending Datasets

  • Address Points

    Points representing confirmed addresses in the City of Portland. Where the address is associated with a taxlot, the centroid of the parcel is used for the point location.
  • Address Points (region)

    This Address File serves as a comprehensive address point file for the region; Clackamas County, Multnomah County, and Washington County, Oregon. Addresses are represented as individual points and are positioned inside or adjacent to taxlot parcels or on buildings within a parcel.
  • Aerial Photographs (2005)

    Statewide 0.5 meter aerial imagery (online).
  • Detail
  • List
Name Category
Employment Data
RESTful web service returning the most recent available non-farm employment data for all industries in the Portland-Vancouver-Hillsboro metropolitan area (not seasonally adjusted). Currently, only data for 2011 is available. Optional parameters include by Month and by Year.
School Performance Data
RESTful web service returning a list of school names, school IDs, and school type for all schools in the Portland Public Schools system. Optional parameter includes query, which is a string (comma separated): Will append default schools list with the fields specified. Example: q=NumberOfStudents,Teachers
Restaurant Inspections
RESTful web service returning 25 most recent restaurant inspections by default. Optional parameters include Count, Since, and From & To, in support of the number of records to return and date filters. Sourced from Multnomah County.
City Parks
RESTful web service returning nearby parks and amenities based on latitude and longitude coordinates.
Crime Incidents - 2011
This static file reflects crimes reported to the City of Portland Police Bureau in 2011. Classification of the crime type is based on the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) system developed by the FBI and used by law enforcement agencies throughout the United States.