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COAB Subcommittees

Community Oversight Advisory Board Executive Committee

Purpose: The Executive Committee will work with COCL Team to create COAB meeting agendas and perform other functions to ensure the efficient operation of the COAB. There are five Executive Committee members, one from each avenue through which voting COAB members are appointed (City Council appointee; Selection Committee appointee; Joint HRC/PCoD appointee; HRC Commissioner; PCoD Commissioner). 

COAB Executive Committee members: Mireaya Medina, Phllip Wolfe (Chair)


Mental Health Crisis Response Subcommittee (MHCRS)

Purpose: This committee will work with COCL Team to examine changes in PPB policy & training related to Mental Health Crisis Response, assess the impact of these changes and make recommendations to improve response.  The MHCRS will provide guidance to the COCL Team on approaches to measuring the success of PPB reforms and stakeholders to engage in the process.  The subcommittee will provide feedback on all related findings and recommendations.  The MHCRS will both engage the community in this process to ensure all perspectives are heard and disseminate information and findings to the community.  

MHCRS subcommittee members: Catherine Gardner, Lt. Tashia Hager, Rochelle Silver 


Community Engagement & Outreach Plan subcommittee (CEOPS), including Community Surveys

Purpose:  This committee will work with the COCL team to assess PPB’s community outreach and engagement plan (CEO Plan) and make recommendations to improve these efforts.  The committee will also work closely with COCL team to finalize and interpret and disseminate findings of Annual Community Survey of Police Services, the Survey of PPB Officers, and the PPB Partnership Survey.  The Settlement Agreement requires that the Annual Community Survey of Police Services and the Survey of PPB Officers be conducted within 90 days of COAB selection.  Thus, the subcommittee’s initial efforts will be focused on these surveys.

CEOPS subcommittee members: Laquida LandfordMireaya Medina, Capt. Vince Elmore


Accountability (Data Systems, Use of Force, and Compliance) Subcommittee (ADSUFCS)

Purpose: To examine the systems in place to measure, monitor, and respond to use of force incidents and develop new ideas and insights for the measurement, documentation, and analysis and subsequent investigations of such incidents.  This Sub-Committee will be responsible for considering the ability of PPB to track use of force and hold officers accountable when force is found to be excessive.  This Sub-Committee will also examine best practices and policies from other police agencies in order to help move PPB towards a model for the nation.  Finally, the Sub-Committee will make recommendations as to the compliance efforts of PPB with regards to the provisions set out in the Settlement Agreement regarding use of force.

ADSUFCS subcommittee members: Sgt. Michele Hughes, Myrlaviani Rivier, Rochelle Silver, Tom Steenson (Chair), Philip Wolfe

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To help ensure equal access to our programs, services, and activities, the Compliance Officer/Community Liaison (COCL) team will reasonably modify policies/procedures and provide auxiliary aids/services to persons with disabilities. If there are ways we can help you more fully participate in this process, please contact Mandi Hood at 503-319-7736 or mandi.hood@portlandoregon.gov.

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