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COAB Members and Alternates

Catherine Gardner

Catherine Gardner works as an ER Tech, where she comes into contact with many people in the height of a mental health crisis. She herself was diagnosed with manic-depression when she was 15, and ADHD at 18; several of her family members also have manic-depression. Before joining Emanuel, she worked as a Mental Health Therapy Technician at Oregon State Hospital. She has had a significant experience with Portland Police that made her "feel like a criminal for having a mental illness." Through the COAB, she hopes to "get the community as a whole to address how the mentally...

Ofc. Karl Klundt (Police)

Karl Klundt  originally was a volunteer Portland Police Reserve Officer before he was hired full time in 1999.  He was then assigned to patrol where he worked for 17 years until he was recently assigned to the Training Division.  At Training, Officer Klundt is primarily responsible for new recruits as the Field Training & Evaluation Program Coordinator.  He is ECIT-Certified and a member of the Crisis Negotiation...

Myrlaviani Rivier

Myrlaviani Rivier recently graduated from PSU with a Bachelor's of Science with an emphasis on Peace/Conflict Studies, and will soon begin PSU's Master's program for Conflict Resolution. She is a Latin-American lesbian, born in Portland, 50 years old, and has lived in nearly all parts of Portland but currently resides in SW Portland. As a COAB member and a person with a mental illness, Myrlaviani hopes to "provide a bridge of information and understanding between the COCL, COAB appointed and selected members, the community members, people who are in mental health crisis...

Rochelle Silver

Rochelle Silver is a licensed Clinical Psychologist with a Ph.D from the University of Portland. From 1972 to 1998 she worked at Dammasch State and Oregon State hospitals as Chief Psychologist. She is a past Chair of the Oregon Board of Psychologist Examiners, and served on the Oregon Board of Private Investigators. She was a member of the Citizen Review Committee, a Portland Police oversight committee, 2009 to 2014. She lives in the Hillsdale neighborhood in SW. She was selected to serve on the COAB by Commissioner Amanda Fritz.

Laquida Landford

Laquida Landford, a 38-year-old woman of color, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis several years ago. "At that moment I knew what my role was in this life, to protect and serve my fellow community members, who can't speak out for themselves." Laquida, a NW Portlander, has volunteered with Home Forward, collected signatures for "Ban Box" campaign last summer with Urban League, is engaged in a pilot project with Community Cycling Center and currently works for Central City Concern. She was selected to serve on the COAB by a community committee.

Philip Wolfe

Philip Wolfe—who is deaf, pansexual, 41 years old, white, and a genderqueer artist—moved to Portland five years ago and currently resides in the NW area. Philip is familiar with all kinds of disabilities and has been an activist since Philip was a kid, forming a LGBT club at his high school. He has served as a member with Northwest Rainbow Alliance for the Deaf (NWRAD) since 2002, and is currently the Oregon Representative for NWRAD. Philip was appointed to the Portland Commission on Disability in December 2013, where he is active with the Public Safety Committee. Philip...

Capt. Vince Elmore (Police)

Capt. Vince Elmore is the Portland Police Bureau Records Captain. Hired by the bureau in 1990, Capt. Elmore has a continuous history of community engagement endeavors. He's currently a team leader for the Rapid Response Team, and was an original member of the Gang Enforcement Team. Capt. Elmore is a current member and former vice president for the National Association of Black Law Enforcement Executives. He was selected to serve on the COAB by the Portland Police Bureau.

Mireaya Medina

Mireaya Medina is an African American, queer woman born and raised in Portland. She is a first generation college graduate, a mother, a community organizer, a program director and an artist who lives in SE Portland's Foster Powell neighborhood. She has worked extensively with youth, and has learned that "young people, no matter where they come from or what color, are just trying to grow, be independent and find their place in society, even with all cards stacked against them." She looks forward to the COAB developing "a true collaborative plan of action." She was...

Tom Steenson

An attorney for 40 years, Tom Steenson has specialized in civil rights cases and police misconduct cases where he represented victims and their families against the police, including high profile cases involving in-custody deaths. Tom has "extensively researched and studied best practices and the constitutional standards for law enforcement in the areas of use of force, interactions with those living with mental illness, and police accountability," and "will support a goal of reaching consensus" on the COAB. He was selected to serve on the COAB by a community committee....


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