Cross-platform Group Messaging and Location Beaconing for Disaster Relief

This application is a resource for citizens, medical teams and governments before, during and after disasters. allows mobile users to send an emergency GPS beacon to a real-time map. Crises responders can view all of the help requests on the webpage, along with hospitals and fire stations, real-time 911 calls related to natural disasters. Ground teams can easily use on their mobile phones to send notices of supplies and terrain reports in real time. Remote helpers can easily see the whole picture on the website's real-time map, handle help and information requests, and send messages to the network. supports subscription to group messages via SMS, AIM, Jabber and Twitter. No application installation is required. Location beacons can be sent simply by going to on a mobile phone.
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This app was a collaboration between Aaron Parecki and I. It was built during the 24hr Geeks Without Bounds 10/10/10 weekend competition.

Submitted by caseorganic on October 11, 2010 - 9:40pm
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I think something like this is an excellent idea. Disaster relief always encounters emergencies and other problems. Using something like an <a href="">SMS blast</a> app seems like it make a great difference during these sort of circumstances. I haven't tried this app out yet, but having cross-platform capabilities seems like it will reach many more potential helping hands.

Submitted by alicec on November 10, 2011 - 9:10am